Top Header Toolbar on Website Editor

This article describes how to use the top header toolbar in the website editor.

The toolbar across the top of the website editor window contains buttons and drop-down menus that execute commands when you click on them.


Complete the following steps to use the top header toolbar:

1. Click on the red Edit button to begin edit mode. 

2. Click on Home on the toolbar to navigate through your website pages. There are two ways to navigate between your pages, in Edit mode, and from Pages. 

3. Click on the desktop, tablet or mobile phone icons in the edit toolbar to make changes. If you make changes in the desktop view, the change can be viewed on all platforms: desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. The website and tablet views are in sync with sizing, but mobile phone is not. Buttons created in desktop may need to be adjusted to fit when looking at the mobile phone view. If you make changes in mobile phone view, the change is only viewable in mobile phone. It will not change the button size of the tablet or desktop view.

4. Click on the Search icon to search the editor. 

5. Click on the various widget symbols for desired Editor Actions. If you click on a widget, it pops up onto your website screen ready to use. The document icons are step by step Help Articles.

6. Click on the Info and Tools icon. This is on your dashboard when you sign in. 

7. Click on the Preview Link to copy and share your website link with anyone. 

8. Click on Stats. You can view your statistics while in edit mode. You do not have to go back to your dashboard.

9. Click on Editor Language to pick the desired language for your website. 

10. Auto save - the checkmark icon lets you know things are automatically saving. Undo and redo buttons are available as well.

11. Click on the Preview button to ensure everything is where you want it. (Click on Back to editor to get back.)

12. Click on the Republish button to go live once you are published. This button is only viewable once the website has been published.

13. Click on the Question mark icon to go to the help center. 

14. Click on the House icon to exit edit mode and go to the site overview.

15. Click on the Published site to view.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 


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