Accordion Widget

This article describes how to use the Accordion Widget.

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets to open the widgets panel. Search for Accordion Widget by browsing through the list or using the widget search bar.
  2. Left-click and drag the widget to the location you want in the site. A blue placement indicator appears.
  3. The widget appears in the location shown by the blue placement indicator.

When dragging-and-dropping a widget to your site, note the text in the blue placement indicator:

  1. Insert here - The widget will be added to an existing row or column
  2. Insert in new row - A new row will be added and the widget will be placed inside of it
  3. Insert in new column - A new column will be added to the row, and the widget will be placed inside of it

Accordion Content

  1. Items - Click an item or add new item to configure the Title, Description, and Title Heading Type.
  2. Show first item expanded or Only show one item expanded - You may choose whether visitors can expand only one item at a time or can view several expanded items at the same time.
  3. Title icon - Depending on the layout you choose, your accordion widget may have a title icon. The title icon is the icon next to the item title, and may be different across all items. For example, you may want to set add a clock icon next to your event time, or a money icon next to a pricing item.

Accordion Design

  1. Layout - select a layout style for the accordion
  2. Title Style
  3. Description Style
  4. Expandable Icon Style
  5. Frame Style
  6. Animation
  7. Spacing


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