Column Widgets

This article describes how to locate and use Column widgets. 


The Column widget is used for positioning and organizing content vertically on a webpage.



Complete the following steps to use Column widgets:


1. In the left panel of the webpage, click Widgets to open the widgets panel.

2. Search for Column widget (there are actually four widget options: 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, or 4 Columns) by browsing through the list or using the widget search bar.

3. Left-click and drag the widget to the location you want in the site. A blue placement indicator becomes viewable.
When dragging-and-dropping a widget to your site, note the text in the blue placement indicator:

  •  Insert here - The widget is added to an existing row or Column. 
  • Insert in new row - A new row is added and the widget is placed inside of it. 
  • Insert in new column - A new column is added to the row, and the widget is placed inside of it.


Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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