File Import for Tags and Notes

This article provides steps to import Tags and Notes.

Tags and Notes are imported and assigned to a family or individual in Directory. 

Here are the steps:

1. From Directory click on File Import on the navigation menu to get started.
2. Prepare the file for import.

Note* The import file should be in a .CSV format, and requires “EnvelopeNumber” and “Tag” or “Note” as columns. Order is not important. Each row under the column needs to have the person’s envelope number and tag/note to follow. 

3. Click on the upload cloud icon to locate and view the file. 
4. Select the file.
5. Click on Import File.

6. View Summary Import Results.

  • Family Tags Imported displays the number of tags uploaded per family. 
  • Family Member Tags Imported provides the number of tags imported per family member.

To upload a new file, click on the Upload New Tag/Note File to find the .CSV on your computer.

Note* If the same note appears twice in a file for a family/individual, it appears as a duplicate in results. Duplicated notes can be manually removed under the account for the family/individual. 

This action does not apply for Tags – any duplicated tag in the import is skipped. A tag can be removed from a family after the import process.

An exception will display if there is an incorrect envelope number on the file. Please check the envelope numbers in the file and make sure that family is recorded in Directory as well.

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