Mark as Deceased

This article provides steps to change a person’s status to deceased.

When a Directory member dies, the member should be marked as deceased in the system. Marking a member as deceased saves all the member’s Giving data and Form submissions and removes the member from all envelope lists.

If the deceased member is the only member in the Directory family, or all other family members are marked inactive, the Directory family is automatically made inactive, removing active contributor status. If, however, there are surviving adult family members, the active contributor status remains on the family until the interval expires.

If there are no other active members on the deceased member’s Online Giving account, marking the member as deceased cancels all active gifts.

Note* Marking a member as deceased cannot be undone.


Complete the following steps to mark a person as deceased:

1. In Directory, search for and select the member to view the Member Detail page.

2. On the Member Detail card, click the ellipsis to view the drop-down menu.

3. In the drop-down menu, select Mark as Deceased.

4. Enter the Date of Death.

5. If the deceased was the current Head of Household, select a New Head of Household from the drop-down menu.

Note* If there are no eligible family members to be selected as the new Head of Household (i.e., all other members are a Child member type in the system), you cannot mark the current Head of Household as deceased. You must first update the family members so there is a new eligible Head of Household, or you must move or remove all other members from the family to mark the current Head of Household as deceased.

6. Enter Notes as desired.

7. Click the Mark as Deceased button.


Directory members marked as deceased are highlighted in yellow in Directory search results and display a yellow cross icon.

For more information, please see What Happens to an Account When a Person is Marked as Deceased and Edit the Date of Death.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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