View Pledge Progress in Directory

This article provides steps for a Giving Administrator to view pledge in the directory to see how the pledge is progressing.

You can track / view pledge progress for a family or member in the directory.


Complete the following steps to track and view pledge progress:

1. In Directory, go to Families and Members.

2. Search for the desired Family or Member in the Directory Search.

3. Select the Family or Member to open the Details Page.

4. In the main menu, select Contributions to view the family contributions page.

5. Active and completed pledges are listed on the Pledges card. Pledges are sorted on the card by pledge start date (earliest start date first), with all completed pledges listed at the end.

Note* In rare circumstances (for example, a single installment of a pledge is subject to an ACH rejection or a refund) you may see a pledge is not 100% fulfilled at the end date, yet there are no upcoming transactions that would complete the pledge. In these cases, you can mark the pledge as complete, collecting only the amount already collected on the pledge, or work with the donor to create a new gift to fulfill the total pledge amount.

Pledges can be displayed in the system three ways, depending on to whom the pledge is attributed:

  • Pledges tied to the family display on the Family Contribution page.  
  • Pledges tied to an individual member who is not Tracked Separately, display on both the Member Contribution page and the Family Contribution page.  
  • Pledges tied to an individual member who is Tracked Separately, display only on the Member Contribution page, not the Family Contribution page.

Click here for more information on updating a pledge in the directory.


Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 



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