About the Contributions Chart for Families and Members

This article provides information about the contributions chart for families and members.

Contributions and Online Giving Public Accounts can be attributed to either the family or the individual member. The member’s contributions page features only contributions attributed to them individually. All member contributions plus contributions attributed to the family appear on the Family Contributions page. 


Complete the following steps to locate the contribution information for either the family or individual member:

1. Click on Contributions from the main menu on the Family Detail page to view the family contributions.

2. Click on Family Members and then View Details to access the individual member’s information.

3. Click on Contributions from the main menu to view the individual member’s  contribution information.


Below are the charts and graphs that summarize the contributions for the family on the contributions page. The heading of the Contributions page provides the name and the envelope number.

Giving By Fund indicates which funds the family has donated to year to date.

Giving By Source indicates what method was used to contribute year to date. The sources are Web, Physical and Text to Give. The designation of Web indicates the contribution was given through Online Giving, while physical contributions have been provided through offerings or imported from another online giving program

Note* The Giving Detail Report is an excellent resource for more giving source information.

The items in the far right column are rounded to the nearest dollar providing the Total Giving for this family or member year to date, their Average Gift this year and the number of Upcoming Gifts in the next 30 days. You can hover over the dollar amount to see the exact amount to the penny.

The next item displayed on the Contributions page is a comparison chart. It compares the current year to the previous year for each month. (Hover over the blue or green bar to see the amounts.) This chart shows total giving and is not separated out by gift source or fund. The Total Giving YTD is the total amount given from the beginning of this year to today.

The percentage indicates how much this value has increased or decreased for this year compared to last year. You must have information from the previous year for this percentage to be visible.


Information about the Pledge Campaign is displayed as a bar chart under the comparison chart. 

The following information is provided:

Name - of the campaign
Campaign End Date - End of the campaign
Pledge Amount - Amount of the pledge
Collected - the amount of money that has been received for the campaign, indicated by a percentage in the green bar
Days Past Goal - how many days since the campaign ended
To  Goal - the difference between the goal amount and what has been committed, indicated by percentage in the blue bar
Pledge Complete - Indicates the pledge has been completed
Additional Pledge Options - the green circle indicates they have been included in the campaign


The list of all contributions attributed to the family is provided last on the contributions page. Included in the list are the dates, funds, envelope numbers, method of payment information, and amount of the contributions.

The black file icon indicates the donor has left a note while donating. To view the note, hover over the black file icon.

The gold money icon indicates the donation has been refunded.


Physical contributions can be edited or deleted here as well.


Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 



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