How do I submit parishioner names to OSV?

A parishioner list can be sent to OSV in one of the following ways at no charge.

  1. Online List Management (OLM) – You maintain your list online using our Online List Management Software. To sign up for OLM,please call your customer service representative at 1-800-348-2886.
  2. Email - Send your list to our address. This option allows you to attach a complete file to your e-mail message and send us a current list for each period. Be sure to put your account number on the subject line! Customers will receive an email reminder of upcoming file due date's approximately 3 business days before each deadline. E-mail customers receive 2 confirmations of receipt of their file. The first is an automated response letting them know that we received their e-mail and file. The second is a confirmation of the envelope cycle that the file will be used for and the count of the parishioners we found on the file.

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