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  • Yes. Envelope order details can be viewed and downloaded. Check out this article to learn how.

  • Yes. A boxed set can be renewed while viewing the order details online.

    Click here for more information about renewing an order without changes.

    Click here for more information about renewing an order with changes.

  • Yes. A personalized envelope can be created to be used as part of an envelope program. If a parish has a picture, verse, crest, logo or watermark they would like on the envelopes, OSV representatives can help create an envelope design to desired specifications. Choose from any of the colored or bordered envelopes as well as colored inks to complement the design. Once completed the new design is available for bulk, boxed sets or mailed envelopes.

  • Yes. We can print a barcode for the envelope number on the offering envelopes. A barcode scanner can be obtained at many local electronic supply stores. OSV will also provide the parish with a laminated sheet of common donation amounts that have been barcoded for recording accuracy. If interested, contact us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab in the main navigation.

    Click here for information on using a barcode scanner to record contributions.



  • Yes. We can print, fold, sort and distribute special mailings. Examples of what we have produced include: Christmas and Easter mailings, state of the parish reports, newsletters, appeal mailings, stewardship renewals, parish outreach, ministry updates, religious education, census, letters and much more. In addition to the special mailings themselves, some of these items may be able to be directly inserted into the envelope packets to further enhance communication efforts.

  • No. A parishioner listing does not have to be CASS certified for OSV. We run all parishioner information through our Total Address Quality (TAQ) process. This is a multi-step process that includes several tools to scan, cleanse, and modify address information into a format acceptable by the U.S. Postal Service. TAQ helps improve overall data quality, increase productivity and reduce waste caused by undeliverable mail pieces.

    Click here for more information about Total Address Quality.

  • OSV validates addresses against official postal authority records with Total Address Quality (TAQ). This multi-step process includes several tools that scan, cleanse and modify address information into a format acceptable by the U.S. Postal Service. 

    In addition, the updated address information is sent to the parish in an Address Correction Report which provides an opportunity for the parish to update the list. This report includes any addresses that are not valid according to postal requirements so they can be corrected prior to the next mailing. The time it takes to receive returns can be reduced by setting up a Postage Due Account with the Post Office. 

    It is necessary to make a small deposit into this account. When a parish has returns, the Post Office automatically deducts the cost of the return and forwards the address information to you. Check with your local Post Office for details.

    Click here for more information about Total Address Quality.

  • A parishioner list can be sent to OSV in one of the following ways at no charge.

    Online List Management (OLM) – You maintain your list online using our Online List Management Software. To sign up for OLM,please call your customer service representative at 1-800-348-2886.

    Email - Send your list to our envprocessing@osv.com address. This option allows you to attach a complete file to your e-mail message and send us a current list for each period. Be sure to put your account number on the subject line! 

    Customers will receive an email reminder of upcoming file due date's approximately 3 business days before each deadline. E-mail customers receive 2 confirmations of receipt of their file. The first is an automated response letting them know that we received their e-mail and file. The second is a confirmation of the envelope cycle that the file will be used for and the count of the parishioners we found on the file.

  • There is one deadline date for all changes to be made to an order (parishioner adds, changes, deletes). This schedule allows maximum time for parishes to get information to us and allows time to get the next set of envelopes to the parishioners on time. We do ask that order changes (envelope style change, etc) and image changes be submitted a week prior to the deadline.

    Click here for more information about renewing envelope orders with changes.

  • There is space for 40 characters (including spaces and punctuation) for the complete parishioner name, 40 characters for the street address, 20 for the second line of address, 30 characters for the city/state/zip code field, and fifteen characters for the parishioner envelope number. "Mr. and Mrs." can be abbreviated to "M/M" or "Mr. & Mrs." if titles are used on the envelopes.

  • We have a few options for you. Envelopes can be ordered printed in bulk to give to new parishioners that register, and extra sets of envelopes can be sent to the parish with each mailing cycle. These sets include special collection envelopes and are dated but do not have parishioner information printed on them. These can be handed out to newly registered families. 

    The most popular option is our Starter Set service for new families. These envelopes are mailed first-class within 48 business hours of our notification, to insure quick delivery to new parishioners. A Starter Set consists of one envelope pre-printed with parishioner information for each Sunday of the month in your mailing cycle. 

    Starter Sets can be requested within the Online List Manager or by faxing or emailing a list of names, addresses, and envelope numbers of your new people. The parish is billed per packet, plus first-class postage.

    Click here for information on activating envelope starter sets.

  • Giving can be increased and consistent giving encouraged with mail-back envelopes! A mail-back envelope is a 6 ¼" x 3 ½" mailable envelope that can be inserted into the back of the offering envelope sets. Members can place check offerings into the mail-back envelope and send it in the mail when they are unable to attend services. This allows members to continue uninterrupted giving when they are unable to attend services. Based on our other customers' experiences, the use of mail-back envelopes increases their church's total contributions enough to pay for their entire annual offering envelope program!

  • A "checkbox" can be printed on the envelopes with the words "I've Given Online." The parishioners who donate this way can check the box. It is still important for parishioners to remain on the envelope program. It is the act of putting the envelope in the basket that symbolizes our giving from the blessings received that week. This also allows parishioners to make contributions for the second collections.

  • The ancillary endorsement printed on the outside of the envelopes is marked "Address Service Requested." With this endorsement, at no cost to our customer, the packet is automatically forwarded to the parishioner, if the parishioner has left forwarding information with the Post Office. 

    The updated address information is sent to Our Sunday Visitor electronically by the Post Office which is then emailed to the parish in the Address Correction Report. This provides an opportunity to update your list. If the parishioner did not leave forwarding information with the Post Office or submit a change as "Temporarily Away," the packet is returned to the parish.

  • There could be a few reasons. First, check that they have an address and an envelope number. If not, adjust those and then try adding them to an envelope list.

    Click here for information on adding an individual to a current envelope list.


  • On the HUB dashboard on the Envelope card.