How can I reduce the number of returned envelopes and the postage cost for these returns?

OSV validates addresses against official postal authority records with Total Address Quality (TAQ). This multi-step process includes several tools that scan, cleanse and modify address information into a format acceptable by the U.S. Postal Service. 

In addition, the updated address information is sent to the parish in an Address Correction Report which provides an opportunity for the parish to update the list. This report includes any addresses that are not valid according to postal requirements so they can be corrected prior to the next mailing. The time it takes to receive returns can be reduced by setting up a Postage Due Account with the Post Office. 

It is necessary to make a small deposit into this account. When a parish has returns, the Post Office automatically deducts the cost of the return and forwards the address information to you. Check with your local Post Office for details.

Click here for more information about Total Address Quality.

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