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This article describes a feature available through Early Access, and the following information only applies to Early Access for this feature. To learn more, please see Early Access Overview.


This article provides steps to export your Data Explorer results.

You can export your Data Explorer results in a CSV or Excel file format. To begin, first Select a Data Source and Add Filter Conditions to find the information you need. For result sets with more than 50 records, the Results card displays a preview of your data; however, your data export contains information for the entire set of results. The data export also matches columns you have added to the Results card, including the columns' position, which can be customized when you View and Customize the Data Explorer Results.


Complete the following steps to export your Data Explorer results:

1. On the Results card, click the Export button.

2. In the Export side sheet, select your file Format.

3. Optionally, you can update the Filename to a custom filename of your choice, or you can use the default generated filename.

4. Click the Export button to download the export file.

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