Perform Divorce

This article provides steps to perform the Life Event called Perform Divorce in the system.

To separate two families in the system when a couple divorces, the Life Event called Perform Divorce is completed. This feature is available for two people who are married when one is marked as head of household and the other is marked as spouse.

Here are the steps to complete the Life Event Perform Divorce in the system:

1. Begin on the member screen of one of the individuals.

2. Click on the ellipses to view the drop down menu.

3. Select the Perform Divorce Life Event.

4. Determine if Perform Annulment should be completed at this time. If so, it marks the Marriage Sacrament Card on each member as invalid. If the status of the annulment is unknown, it can be performed at a later date with information in this article.

5. Determine the new address and envelope number for each of the two new families. The envelope number can be left blank, however, a family without an envelope number cannot be added to a mailing list. 

6. Update the Family Name for each individual.

7. Assign the other members to the appropriate new family.

8. Click on Complete to process. This process creates two separate new families.

If desired, assign the family that has a new envelope number to mailing lists. This is completed manually. See this article for more information.

Overview Video of Performing Divorce

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