Add a Family to an Envelope List

This article provides information about adding a family to an envelope list.

You can add a single family to an envelope list on the Family Detail page. For information about adding groups families or tracked separately members to an envelope list at one time, please see Quick Task: Add to Envelope List. For certain envelope lists, you can order starter sets for families added to the list, including Automatically Sending Starter Sets.

Note* In order to be added to an envelope list, a family must have an address and envelope number assigned.


Complete the following steps to add a family to an envelope list:

Add Family to Envelope List

1. In Directory, search for and select the family to view the Family Detail Page.

2. On the Envelope Lists Card, click to activate the toggle to add the family to the envelope list.

To remove the family from the envelope list click to deactivate the toggle.

Note* An alert icon appears at the top of the envelope list if the family does not have an address or an envelope number. Assign the family an address and an envelope number to add them to an envelope list.

Send Starter Sets

In Directory Settings, you can activate Automatically Sending Starter Sets whenever a family is added to an envelope list, if applicable. When this feature is activated, the system processes the order for a starter set automatically.

If Automatically Send Starter Sets is not activated for your account, an an option is displayed on applicable envelope lists to send a starter set when a family is added. Select the green check icon to place a starter set order.

Note* Starter sets are available for monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly envelope lists. Yearly envelope lists are not eligible. Please contact customer service for information about setting up starter sets for your envelope lists at 800-348-2886.


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