Add a Registration for Religious Education

This article provides steps to add a registration for Religious Education from the registration page.

An administrator can add a registration for a student from the registration page.


Complete the following steps to add a Religious Education Registration:

1. From Religious Education from Terms, locate the desired Term.

2. Either click on the Term heading, or go to the Ellipsis and select View to get to the Term Detail

3. Click on Registration in the main Menu to get to the Registrations Page

4. On the Registration card, click on the ellipsis and select Add Registration from the drop down menu. 

5. Register a New Family or search for a family. 

6. Enter information to Search for the desired Family.

6a. If the desired family populates as a result, click on the family. This will pre-populate the form with information that is already in the system. (Primary and Secondary Parent/Guardian information, Additional Information and Alternate Contact Information) 

6b. If the desired family does not populate as a result, click on Register New Family and manually enter the information into the form. 

Note* A contact phone number and email are required on the registrations to ensure a means to communicate quickly if necessary.

7. Click on the box to authorize the organization to use pictures taken of the student during program events.

8. Click on Continue to move to the 2nd page of the form. 

9. The system provides help with addresses if necessary. If you are certain the address is correct, click on Use Submitted Address. Otherwise, update the address as necessary and click on Resubmit Address

10. Click on Add Student on the second page of the form. 

11. Begin entering information to enroll the student using the drop down menus. 

12. Select the Program from the options available.

13. Note any allergies the student may have. (i.e. peanuts)

14. Enter any relevant notes

15. Check the box if the student has been Baptized, enter the date and upload the certificate.

16. Check the box if the student has received First Communion, enter the date and upload the certificate.

17. Enroll another student by clicking on Add Student

Note* Three students have been registered.

18. Click on Complete the Registration.

19. On the Registrations page, click on the registration to open and view the details.

Note* A multi-student discount has been applied.

Click here to read more about creating terms with multi student discounts.

Click here for more information on registering students for Religious Education from Terms.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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