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This article provides information about Religious Education Discounts.

Discounts are able to be applied to Religious Education terms.  Religious Education programs may come with associated costs such as tuition, materials, or fees. Offering discounts makes these programs more financially accessible to a broader range of participants, including those with limited financial resources. Offering discounts may serve as an incentive to encourage enrollment in programs. This is especially true if the organization aims to boost attendance, reach specific enrollment targets, or introduce new participants to its educational offerings.

Providing Discounts

When creating a Religious Education term, you can make a program eligible for discounts by placing a checkmark in the box to enable program discounts on registrations,

or to add the discounts after you create the term, use the Add Discount button found on the Term Details page.

Discount types that are available are Coupon Codes: Fixed and Percent, and an Automatic Multi Student discounts. Only one discount can be applied to a given registration. The discount is automatically applied by the system to give the registration the best value. 

The Coupon Codes, Fixed or Percent can be used to encourage early sign up so you can get a headcount, and materials ordered quickly. 

Multi-student discounts, whether flat rate or tiered, can help prevent hardships for larger families. 

When selecting an Automatic Flat Rate Multi-Student discount, specify the discount amount per student and the minimum number of registered students needed to be able to apply the discount.

When selecting an Automatic Tiered Multi-Student discount, you can configure the discount tiers to offer an increase in savings that is associated with an increase in students registered. The discount is applied on a per-student basis.

When creating a term, you can also set a Family Out-of-pocket Maximum. It is a cap, or limit on the amount of money a family has to pay when registering for a term.  If the total registration amount exceeds the value set for the out of pocket maximum, the registration amount is automatically discounted.

You can share the discount codes with parents, so they can apply the discount as the parents register students online. Discounts are valid through the registration period by default, but you can edit or remove a discount from the term at any time. Discounts can also be applied to completed, approved Religious Education registrations. 

Because discounts are listed on the payment page of an online registration, parents registering students online are only able to apply discounts if the organization is an Online Giving customer. 

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