Match Directory and Public Accounts

When a parishioner or visitor creates a public giving account, OSV Directory admins can match those to current directory accounts. Because email is a unique identifier, if the email addresses match for a new public account it will be automatically matched to an OSV Directory account. If no email address is found in the system, the account can be matched manually. Below is how to match an account manually.

To match members, click on “Giving”

Then Match Accounts

You will be directed to the matching wizard.

Here you can search for the member you want to match, and then select the appropriate Directory account to match the public account.

Ignoring Unmatched Accounts

If you have an online donor that you do not want to match with a directory account (for instance they donated to a fundraiser or purchased something you were using the Online Giving system to take payments for) you can ignore them and remove them from this list. Simply click the kebab menu by their account and select ignore.

If you want to match this account in the system at a later date, open the “Accounts” area in Giving and click on the row for this individual.

Here you can match them to a new account by selecting “Match Account to Directory Entry” from the kebab menu.

This will add this public account back to the “Unmatched Accounts” listing and you can match them to the appropriate directory account.

Follow instructions at this link to unmatch accounts.

Video Tutorial

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