Family Statuses

There are a few family status options that you can set for Directory families. The only option that is automatically set by the system is that deceased members are marked as inactive. Registration Status and Active Status are independent of each other, meaning that a Registered Family can be Inactive and an Active Family can be unregistered. Registration status and active/inactive status are options for filters for reporting and quick tasks. A quick explanation of where this information is below.

Registered or Unregistered: Registration can be added during the initial registration process or later. See this article for a how-to. The number of registered families is noted on the Directory Dashboard card. You can also pull a member list based on registration status in “Reporting.”

Active or Inactive: Families can be marked as active or inactive in Directory. Families that are inactive are not counted as “Total Families” on the main OSV HUB dashboard card nor toward your “total directory count” used for billing. To mark a family as inactive, follow these instructions. Any member marked as deceased will also be considered inactive.

Overview Video of Family Status

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