Tip of the Month Archive

The collection of previously sent 'Tip of the Month' to assist churches using our online giving with new features and best practices. 


May 2024.pdf

Assisting Your Donors
Giving Link in Donor Emails
Gift Parameters in Online Giving
Hub Permissions

Apr 2024.pdf

Refunds and the Reconciliation Report
Reorder Fund List
Event Registration and Payment
Second Collections - Catholic Home Missions Appeal and Catholic Communications Campaign
Directory Lists

Mar 2024.pdf

Support Chat Feature
Second Collections - Holy Land (Good Friday)
Credit Card Offset
Assigning Tags on Family and Member Records

Feb 2024.pdf

ACH Processing Fee Offset
Custom Fields
Address Verification
Fund General Ledger Credit and Debit Account Numbers


Oct 2023.pdf

Early Access to Custom Fields
Download And Print Pre-populated Sacramental Certificates
Knowledge Base Updates
Reconciliation Report
Second Collections

Aug 2023.pdf

Family Level Email
Pre-Populated Sacrament Information
Donor Features For Admins
Enhanced Member List Report
Second Collections

July 2023.pdf

Update Your Fund Page
Second Collections
Offering Report

June 2023.pdf

Merging Donor Accounts
Second Collections
Sacrament Report Update
Envelope List Report
Enhanced Pledge Import

May 2023.pdf

Online Transaction Analysis
OSV Glossary
Dismiss Address Changes
Locate and View Directory Activity
Gift Parameters In Online Giving

Jan 2023.pdf

Changing Donor Accounts
Second Collections - Church in Central and Eastern Europe
Online Giving Export
Quick Tasks


Dec 2022.pdf

Tax Repports
Success Guide
Remove Donor Membership
Matching Accounts
Address Verification

Nov 2022.pdf

Giving Tuesday
Seasonal Kits
Tax Reports
Second Collections - Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Retirement Fund for Religious

Oct 2022.pdf

Classic Reconciliation Report
Pledge Detail Page
Training Videos

July 2022.pdf

Multiple Bank Accounts
Merging Donor Accounts
Updated Active Donor Count
Archived Tip of the Month

May 2022.pdf

Online Transaction Analysis Report
Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund
Archdiocese Military Services
Second Collections - Peter's Pence
Donor Page Reorganization

April 2022.pdf

Update Your Giving URL
Accounting Exports
New Chat Feature
Second Collections - Catholic Communication Campaign
Online Giving Resources
Feedback Suggestions

March 2022.pdf

Increase to Credit Card Offset Limit
Multiple Managed Accounts and Tracking
New Sort for Donor List Report
Second Collections - Holy Land (Good Friday) and Catholic Home Missions Appeal
Accounts Screen Search Changes

Feb 2022.pdf

Online Giving Export
Fund Customization
Multi-Factor Authentication
New Online Giving URL

Jan 2022.pdf

Admin Features to Support Donors
Pause or Cancel Contributions
Remove Donor Membership
Managed Givers and Gifts

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