About Staff Users

This article provides an overview about Staff Users.

Account Owners can add a new user and provide the appropriate permissions for the role. The user permissions can be edited, and users can be removed.

Select Users in the main menu to view the Users page. The Users page provides a list of users along with related information: Name, Email address, Status, Permissions, and the Last Login.  The last login provides information about when the user last logged into the system. Viewing the Last Login is an easy way to see people who have been set up in the system and have never accessed it or have not accessed it in a long time, helping you ensure your user list is up to date and relevant. To edit a user's permissions or remove a user, click the ellipsis on the user's account.

Click on these links for more information on how to View and Edit New Users without Permissions, Resend a Staff Member Invitation, and Set User Permissions for Religious Education.

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