Deactivate a Family in Directory

This article describes steps to deactivate a family in Directory.

When a member of a family no longer lives in the same house, they can be marked as ‘inactive’ in the system. When the family is inactive, all members of the household are marked as inactive as well. This retains all historical information including sacraments and contributions. Individual members or entire families can be deactivated.

This can apply to children when they go to college or move away. If they want to become registered members of the parish, just move them to a new family and all historical data from their childhood will move with them. 

Here are the steps to Deactivate a Family in Directory.

1. From Directory click on Family and Members in the main menu.

2. Search for the desired family

3. Click on the Family to view the Family Detail screen.

4. Click on the ellipsis to view the drop down menu.

5. Select Deactivate Family from the menu.

6. Click on Deactivate to confirm. 

A Family that is deactivated is denoted by the display of a gold bar.

Manually remove the family from any active envelope lists.

Deactivated Families are highlighted in yellow when searched and the Family and Members are given special icons to denote that they are deactivated.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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