How a Donor Cancels a Pledge Gift

This article provides steps on how Donors cancel a Pledge Gift.

Donors can cancel a pledge gift through the My Gifts section of their donor account.

A donor completes the following steps  to cancel a pledge gift:

1. Login to the Donor Account.

2. In the navigation bar, select My Gifts.

3. On the Upcoming Gifts card, locate the gift to be cancelled. Pledge gifts are marked by the pledges icon.

4. Select the ellipsis to view the drop-down menu.

5. In the drop-down menu, select Cancel Gift. The Cancel Gift side sheet appears.

Note* If the donor wishes, to cancel all future installments towards the pledge, he or she can choose to Complete Pledge. When the donor completes a pledge, the pledge amount is updated to the amount that has been already contributed to the pledge, and no further installments toward the gift are collected. However, other gifts the donor may have created toward the same fund are not cancelled when the pledge is completed. Only the gift installments specifically created to fulfil the pledge are cancelled.

5. Click the Yes, Cancel Gift button.

For more information regarding pledges, please see the articles Tracking a Pledge, Editing a Pledge, Giving a Gift immediately to complete a Pledge or Marking a Pledge Complete.

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