About Payment Processing Costs Offset

This article explains the Giving Settings that allow you to offer donors the option of increasing donations to cover payment processing costs.   

In Giving Settings, you can offer donors the option of increasing their donation to help offset payment processing costs. The amount is set by your organization and is totally optional for the donor. This setting is available for offsetting credit card processing costs and offsetting ACH processing costs.

Note* The payment processing costs offset is not a fee, but rather a request to increase the donation amount to help with fees. 

You can set the increased amount offered to be a percentage (1% - 5%) or a flat amount. You can update the set percentage / amount or disable the setting at any time. Any update to a previously selected percentage or amount only applies to new gifts. Additionally, any recurring gifts set up prior to a change in the percentage or amount will process at the previous setting until manually changed by the donor. This feature only applies to gifts; It does not apply to pledges. 

Once set in your Giving Settings, you can enable payment processing offset when you Set Up a New Online Fund, and you can enable this feature on already created funds.

The payment processing costs offset feature is available when you Add a Managed Gift or Update a Managed Gift on behalf of a donor. It is also available to donors when they Create a Donor Account While Creating a Gift, when making an online donation, and when donors update their own gifts. 

Contact OSV's technical support to get more information about your organization's credit card fees.

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