About Automatically Assigning Envelope Numbers in Directory

This article provides information about automatically assigning envelope numbers and when it is necessary to manually set envelope numbers.

Under Settings, an administrator can set-up the system to automatically assign the next available envelope number. To begin, identify the first available number to be assigned and add that number in Directory Settings, by Editing the Envelope Number. The system will then assign the next available envelope number, starting with this number.

Here is information about the automatically setting envelope numbers:

  • An auto-assigned number can be overridden at any time.
  • Use of the next available number is not required. You can choose to assign your own numbers.
  • The system provides an alert if an envelope number is set that is already in use.
  • Auto assigning is unable to be used if alpha characters (A, B, C, etc.) are used in an envelope number.

Manual tracking for which number comes next is required when:

  • The next Envelope Number is not enabled for envelope numbers.
  • The family’s ‘code’ with envelope numbers that include letters or do not sequence in a direct order.

Example: If your next envelope number is set to begin at 700 and the next number that has already been used in your envelope list is 705, this is what will happen.  The next registered family will be assigned envelope number 700 and the following family 701. The envelope numbers will be assigned in order until it reaches 705. 705 will be skipped and the next available number will be assigned because 705 is already in use.

Click here for more information about setting envelope numbers or editing envelope numbers.

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