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This article provides information about tags and steps to add tags.

Tags are the best way to organize people in the system. Individual members and families can be tagged.  Tags are used in the system to sort families, to assign them to lists or send them messages. Tags can be used with Quick Tasks to sort out groups of people with like interests or demographics. Tagging is one of the primary filters for reporting if you have tagged your members and families effectively.  You can create a tag for anything, and add as many tags as you would like.

Tags are a way to identify and organize members and families in the directory. Members and families can be filtered by using tags. For example, adding a tag of "Usher" to any member that is an usher. Reports can be pulled and communications sent to anyone with this similar tag. 

At a family level, a tag can be added to the Religious Education families.

Complete these steps to add a tag:

1. From Directory go to the desired Family Detail page. Tags can be added from the Family Detail or an individual's Member Detail screen. 

2. Click the + plus sign icon on the Tags card.

3. View the list of available tags to select from this list or enter a new tag. The system saves tags that have been created previously.

4. Click on the Create New Tag button.

Note* Selected tags are viewable on the Tags card.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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