Site Languages

This article describes how to setup site languages.

Site Languages can be enabled to allow site visitors to view the site in an alternate language. When a new Site Language is enabled, it will add the country’s flag in the Header area to allow site visitors to select the language(s). This feature will allow editors to work on the site(s) for the newly added language(s).

  1. To get started, go to Pages, and click on Add site languages at the bottom.
  2. Multi-Language pop-up will appear. Click on Add Languages.
  3. The languages are organized in alphabetical order and there is a search bar that can be utilized. Find the language that will be enabled and click on the plus symbol. Click Done.
  4. Click Save to begin adding the country’s flag in the Header area, then click Done.
  5. The site will begin to process the translations for new language being enabled. This usually takes a few minutes to complete.

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