Page Settings

This article describes the page settings.

Page Settings can be found by clicking on the gear icon to the right of a page. Below are the various options that can be found under Page Settings.

  • Rename – Renaming will change the page name that appears in the Navigation Links menu.
  • Hide/Show in navigation – This feature will hide or show the page in the Navigation Links menu. Commonly used for the pages that are not ready to be live or are seasonal pages.
  • Duplicate – The Duplicate option will create an exact copy of the current page. This is useful for setting up multiple pages while using the same page layout.
  • Publish page – This option will be grayed out if the site has not been published. Reach out to Tech Support when the site is ready to be published.
  • Page URLPage URL will allow for the URL to be modified. A common need for this is if there was a misspelling when the Empty Page was first set up.
  • SEOSearch Engine Optimization, which allows search engines to look for keywords or descriptions that are created for that page.
  • Set as home page – By default, the template comes with a home page which is symbolized by the home icon. If a new home page has been created, this option can be used to make the new home page default and be given the home icon.
  • Convert to Dynamic PageDynamic Pages uses Collections. If a Collection has been created, a page can be converted.
  • Delete – This action will delete the page. The page can be restored from a previous Site Backup or will need to be manually created.

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