About Parish Evangelization and Discipleship Strategy

This article provides information about parish evangelization and discipleship strategy. 

For the health of the church, you will need to learn how to develop a successful plan of action focused on evangelizing and developing disciples in your parish. Setting up a strategy for your parish's evangelization and discipleship process in Mission Suite is easy. This helps you create, execute and measure the areas identified as key to mission effectiveness. 

After setting up your strategy in Strategy Settings you can start measuring the effectiveness of your plan. In Settings: Strategy is where you determine what areas are key to improving the church's health. Some parishes may call this the Systems of Parish Life, others may call it Thresholds. You can customize this to match your parish's terminology. 

You can add as many Systems as you would like. Attract, Encounter, Grow and Witness are just a few examples identified as key to mission effectiveness. 

The Strategy plan is your plan of action for strengthening the systems of parish life. You can change the terminology on the title card to match what you use to identify your plan of action for achieving growth in your key areas. 

Initiatives are the actions the parish wants to take to implement the strategy such as Alpha or Christ Life. Initiatives can also be small faith communities such as small groups or discipleship groups. They also might include fellowship activities and volunteering opportunities. You can add as many initiatives as you would like. 

Once the initiatives are set, you can begin to map your parish events, Session or Group Types, to the initiatives and monitor the progress through associating experiences with the initiatives outlined in the Strategy. 

The Strategy filters, which you customize in Settings, include information about participation in the parish's evangelization and discipleship initiatives. In Accompany Find People, by creating a query, you can  Find People Using Strategy Filters and locate people who either have, or have not been involved or participating in strategic activities based on your goals. 

Once an initiative is created it reflects on the Systems of Church Life card. The Systems of Church Life dashboard card can be viewed in Inform Reports and Statistics. The dashboard provides data to help your parish create, execute and measure your evangelization and discipleship plans.  

Through reporting, you can monitor how well your strategy is progressing. Check out these links for more information on Experience Measures Data on the Inform Reports and Statistics Dashboard, Grow Data on the Inform Reports and Statistics Dashboardand Encounter Measures Data on the Inform Reports and Statistics Dashboard. 

At the parishioner level, information supporting the strategy and game plan are available on their profiles under the Faith Journey tab, and then in the Strategy View. This helps you identify and guide each parishioner on their personal faith journey.

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