Search and Filter Religious Education Registrations

This article provides steps to use the search and filter features for Religious Education registrations.

Using the search and filter features for Religious Education registrations allows you to quickly locate a registration within a term. In addition, you can Download Sacrament Documents Attached to Registrations or Download Religious Education Registration Data to use or share as needed. Registrations for a given term are found in the Term Details. For help locating the Term Details, please see View Religious Education Term Detail.


Complete the following steps to search and filter Religious Education registrations:

Searching Registrations

Use the search bar at the top of the registrations page to search registrations.

1. From Religious Education go to Terms in the main menu.

2. Click on the desired Term to view the Terms Details page.  

3. Click on Registration in the main menu to view the registrations for the term. 

4. Enter the search information into the Search registrations field and press enter. 

Registrations can be searched by the following information: guardian name, student name, email address, and street address. Search results are listed from most relevant to the least relevant and are affected by any filters selected. 

Filtering Registrations

Registrations can be filtered with or without using the search field.

1. Click the Filters button to view the Filters side sheet. 

2. Select registration statuses to Include or Exclude in your results. Results can be filtered by the following statuses: Attachments, Paid in full, Unpaid, Overpaid, No payment required, Scheduled. 

3. Click Apply to view the registrations matching the filter results. The system defaults to the last used filters each time you visit the page, and you can change the filters at any time. 

When a filter is selected to be Included, registrations matching the filter status are shown in the results. If more than one filter is marked as Included, the results include registrations that match any of the included filter statuses. 

When a filter is Excluded, registrations matching the filter status are excluded from the results.  If more than one filter is marked as Excluded, the results exclude registrations that match any of the excluded filter statuses. 

If a registration status is not selected as either Included or Excluded, it is not evaluated and does not affect the results.

Results can be further filtered by selecting or deselecting the results filters: Approved, Unapproved, and/or Rejected. When a results filter is selected, registrations matching the selected statuses are displayed. 

Search and Filter Results

Registrations matching search/filter results are shown in a single grid. 

1. Click on the desired registration to view the Registration Details.  

On the Registrations card, you can also Download Sacrament Documents Attached to Registrations and Download Religious Education Registration Data.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 



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