About Customized Pledge Statements

This article provides information about customized pledge statements.

Sending donors customized pledge statements is a common best practice for many organizations. A staff member can send a customized pledge statement to a donor to remind them of the pledge or to let them know the state of their pledge.  The customized pledge statement can be set up when the administrator sets up a new fund, and edited at any time.

On a pledge statement, a donor can view the name of the fund, their donations, progress and how much they have left to fulfill their pledge for the particular fund. This is significant because a donor may pledge to many different funds, and sending individual pledge statements cuts down on any confusion that may cause.

Customized pledge statements serve as a way to acknowledge and express gratitude to donors for their contributions. It shows that the church values and appreciates the financial support provided by its members.

Sending personalized pledge statements is a form of communication that allows the church to maintain a positive and ongoing relationship with its donors. It provides an opportunity to update donors on the organization's activities, achievements, and future plans.

By highlighting the impact of donors' contributions and demonstrating responsible financial stewardship, customized pledge statements can encourage continued and potentially increased support. When donors see the positive outcomes of their giving, they may be more motivated to continue supporting the church's mission. Within the email the donor receives, a link is provided to take them directly to their online donor account, in case they desire to make another gift. 

Note* The pledge statement pdf can be downloaded and printed to be sent, or manually delivered to the donor. On a pledge statement, whether downloaded or emailed, a donor can view the name of the fund, their pledge amount, how much they have donated, how many days until the pledge end date, and how much they have remaining on their pledge. 

Additionally, within a pledge statement email, the My Gifts button is a link provided to the donor to conveniently take them directly to their online donor account, if they desire to make a gift.



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