How a Donor Creates an Account when Creating a Gift

This article provides steps for a Donor to Create a Donor Account on the public site at the time they are Creating a Gift for a Pledge or going to Create a Gift to Give Now.

A first time Donor can Create an Account with a password which saves the information so they can come back and donate in the future without having to repeatedly provide information. 

To create a Donor account when creating a Gift for a Pledge or choosing to Create a Gift to Give Now enter the information on the Form when prompted in the system after setting up the Gift. Whether the Gift is Recurring or a One Time Gift will determine where on the form Donor is asked to create a password. This form is an example for a Recurring Gift.

1 Enter an email, password, first name, last name and phone number into the form.

2. Select PaymentInformation. (Bank or Credit Card)

For a Credit Card ensure the name that is auto populated matches the name on the card and enter the rest of the payment information. (Card number, CVV, expiration month and year.) If desired, check the box to donate up to an extra 5% to Offset Processing Fees.

For Banking information enter whether it is checking or savings, the routing number and account number.

Enter the Payment Method Address. (This is not the payment method’s institution address. For example, it may be the address where the statement is mailed.)

3. If the Gift is set up as a One Time Gift instead of Recurring, when Create an Account is selected, a password will be requested at the bottom of the form instead. (View the video below to see an example of a One Time Gift Form.) 

No Password is requested if the Donor chooses not to Create an Account, but instead gives a One Time Gift as a Guest. 

4. Click on Submit your Gift to populate a confirmation of Thanks. The Donor receives a confirmation email which includes the Gift information.

Note* A returning Donor is prompted to sign in if they enter a recognized email while filling out the Your Information form.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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