Edit Fund Settings

This article provides steps to change the fund settings from the Fund Details screen.

The administrator can edit fund settings such as the fund name, fund status, fund number, accepted payment types, whether pledges can be made online, if the fund is tax deductible or not, the status of the credit card offset, or if donors can create notes on a gift.

Complete these steps to edit fund settings:

1 From Giving go to Funds.

2. From the list of Funds, click on the Fund that needs to be edited to get to the Fund Detail screen.

3. On the Fund Detail screen, click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to open the side sheet.

4. Select Edit Fund Settings.

5. On the side sheet, edit the fund as necessary:

Make a change to the Fund Name.
Change the Fund Status to live or draft (The fund status can only be changed  from live to draft if no gift has been given.).
Make a change to the Fund Number.
Select a Deposit Account.
Enter the Accepted Payment Types.
Select Gift Frequency Options.  (One time gift must be selected to offer text to give. If the frequency selection one time gift is removed from the fund, the user experiences a warning alert that the Text to Give code will be removed.)
Determine Public Gift Options.
Check if the fund is tax deductible.
Check to enable a Credit Card Offset.
Check if donors can create gift notes on a gift.

6. Click on Save to process.

Note* Changing the name of any Fund will prompt the below message.  If you have linked the URL for this specific fund (not the Public Fund List URL) you will need to replace it with the new URL after you have completed the name change.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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