Search for a Family or Member in Directory

This article provides steps to Search for a Family or Member in the Directory.

The following fields are searched when looking for a family or individual: First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Address Line, Envelope Number, and Email Address. 

Enter the information in the search box and the most relevant to the least relevant results can be viewed. This is called a fuzzy search. The clearest to the fuzziest results will be returned.

Here are the steps to search for a family or member in the Directory:

1. Begin your search in Directory either at the Dashboard or on the Families and Members page.

2. Click the Filters to view the side sheet and include or exclude families and members from the search results. If status is not included or excluded, it is not evaluated and does not affect the search results.

When a status is included, families or members with that status are included in the results. If more than one status is included,  the results include families or members that have any of the included statuses.

When any family or member is excluded, that status is not returned in the search results.

3. Click on Apply to process selections.

4. Enter identifiable information such as name, address, envelope number, or email address into the search field and click on Enter on your keyboard. 

Note* Results are displayed from most specific to more vague based on your supplied search criteria.  The top 10 results will display with a button to “see all” if there are more. 

5. Click on the desired family or member result to open and see more information.


Searching from Family and Members:

Members are indicated by a person icon.
Deceased members return highlighted in yellow with a golden cross icon.
Families and Registered Households are indicated by a house icon
Unregistered Households are indicated by a house in a circle. 
Inactive Households or Members return highlighted in a light yellow with a yellow icon. 


Searching from the Directory Dashboard:

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