Perform Marriage

This article provides steps to complete the Life Event called Perform Marriage in the system.

To combine two individual families or add a new member to form a new household and add the marriage sacrament to each individual member when two individuals are married at the church, the Life Event Perform Marriage is completed within the system.

There are a few different combination scenarios that can happen during the Perform Marriage life event.

  • If both members are registered in Directory, begin with the new Head of Household (the person who has the new family last name, typically the male spouse).
  • If only one member is registered in Directory, you can add the spouse during the Perform Marriage process.
  • If neither are members of the Directory, add the newly married couple as a family including their marriage in the Sacrament information during the registration process (completely skipping the Perform Marriage life event). For more information, check out this article on adding a new family.

Here are the steps to perform the Life Event Perform Marriage:

1. From Directory locate the single member listed as Head of Household.
2. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the drop down menu.
3. Select Perform Marriage from the drop down menu.

4. Set the toggle to on if determining this is a Civil Marriage. If not, the Marriage Sacrament is added to both individuals.  If set, the marriage sacrament will not be added to either family member. 

5. Search the database for the spouse who married this individual. 

6. If the spouse is not registered at the church, click on New Member to create a new member.
7. Enter their first and last name. Additional details for this member are entered manually via their member card after the entire Perform Marriage process is completed.

8. Enter the permanent last name. If a spouse’s last name is changing, their previous name is recorded in the system as their Maiden name. The spouse’s title is changed to Mrs., if it was never set or set to Ms., unless a special title was previously recorded for this person such as Dr..

9. Click the Get Next button to get an envelope number if the current envelope number for the Head of Household is not displayed. 
10. Enter the desired family address.
11. Enter the date of the marriage and location. This entry results in the information being recorded in the Marriage Sacrament entry for both individuals.
12. Click on Create Family to process.

The family name styles, tags, and envelope lists can be viewed on the Family Detail page.

Note* The Marital Status reflects Married.

This process results in both individuals having the Marriage Sacrament icon added to their member fields.

Overview of Perform Marriage

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