Add an Area of Focus in the Enterprise Application

This article provides steps to add an Area of Focus to an organization in the Enterprise application.

As a part of an organization's strategic plan, they may designate particular areas to focus on and plan activities around to ensure their plan continues to move forward. 

Areas of focus can be added and deleted at any time and include many topics, including ministry, evangelization, financial stewardship, personal growth, development, health and wellness, community and discipleship. In theory, any areas that may need attention, including special programs, or even to call out a new Pastor or new Pastoral Assistant. 


Complete the following steps to add an area of focus to an organization:

1. Click on the church on the Organization screen.

2. Click on the edit pencil.

3. Click on Create New.

4. Enter a new Area of Focus name.

5. Click on Save.

Note* The new Area of Focus name is viewable in the list to choose from now.

5. Place a checkmark in the box of the new Area of Focus name.

6. Click on Save.

Note* Now the new Area of Focus name is viewable in the group.

7. Click on Back to get to the Organization screen.


The new Area of Focus name is viewable on the Organization screen under Areas of Focus.


Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 



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