Merge Directory Members

This article provides steps to merge member accounts in Directory.

To help you remove duplicate data from your system, you can merge two members in Directory. During the merge, data associated with one member account (the source member) is merged into another member account (the target member). Once the merge is complete, the source member account and data are deleted.

The merge member process combines individual members; however, if you need to merge two families, use the Merge Families process instead.

Note* A merge cannot be reversed once completed. Make sure you have permission from the member impacted by this change before performing the merge process.

Complete the following steps to merge member accounts in Directory:

1. In Directory, search for and select the member who will be the source member.

Note* The source member's data will be merged into the target member, and source member is deleted after the merge process is complete.

2. Select Merge this member in the main menu.

3. Search for and select the target member in the search field (you can also change the source member if needed).

4. Click the Preview button to preview the merge information.

5. Review the merge details to ensure they are correct. Information in the target member column will be in the system after the merge. The source member will be deleted once the merge is complete. Values highlighted in blue denote information brought from the source member and added to the target member.

Note* If you need to switch the source and target member, click the switch icon in the middle of the Merge Preview page.

Note* Members with differing deceased statuses  cannot be merged.

8. Click Merge Members.

9. Enter your name to confirm you want to merge the members.

Note* Once the merge process is complete, the source member data is deleted. The merge cannot be undone.

10. Click the Confirm button to process the merge.

After the merge, you can view the merged member information on the target Family Member Detail page, and the merge is noted on the Activity page.


Merging Heads of Household

Because of the important data tied to heads of household, there are special considerations when you preform a member merge involving heads of household. The following conditions apply when merging heads of household:

  • Source Non Head of Household into target Head of Househol

    • If the source is tracked separately, the envelope lists from the source member are moved over to the target family 

  • Source head of household into target non head of household 

    • This merge can only be accomplished if the source is the only member of the family. The source family will be deleted once the merge is complete. 


      If there are multiple members in the head of household family, the head of household must be the target member. 


  • Merging two heads of household


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