About Instant Websites

This article provides an overview of Instant Websites.

Instant Websites provides a simple yet robust website editor, so you can build a beautiful and powerful website for your parish or organization independently. The intuitive editor allows you to effortlessly update your site content, such as text and images, and view the changes in real time. A pre-loaded format and expertly designed color palettes and fonts ensure your website looks professional. The finished site is fully responsive and looks great on any device.


Instant Website Editor

Select from six professionally designed themes and add sections to your site as desired. Customizing each section with your information is straightforward. For steps to access the editor, please see Access the Instant Website Editor.

Select Site Theme

There are six professionally designed themes for your to choose from in the Editor. For full details, please see Select Instant Website Theme.

Add and Customize Website Sections

There are 10 sections available for your to add to your site, and sections can be added or removed at any time. Please see Add or Delete an Instant Website section for more information.

The Instant Website Editor makes adding content to your site intuitive and simple: click the toggles to activate or hide elements on your website, enter your text, add links, and upload images. The editor also provides access to a repository of freely available professional stock images.

The following articles provide details on using the Editor and customizing each section:

Customize the Header Section

Customize the Welcome Section

Customize the About Section

Customize the Mass Times Section

Customize the Events Section

Customize the Ministries Section

Customize the Links Section

Customize the Staff Section

Customize the Contact us Section

Customize the Footer Section

Upload an Image to the Image Picker

Instant Website Settings and Publishing

You can update SEO settings to help your site perform well in search engine results. Previewing and publishing your site live is easy. The following articles provide more information on Instant Website Settings and Previewing and Publishing your site.

About Instant Site Settings

SEO Settings

Preview and Publish the Instant Website

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