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This article provides information about Mission Pathways Inform module.

From the percentage of parishioners who are actively engaged, to the number of people transitioning from evangelization events to the next step in discipleship, Inform Dashboards takes your information from the Encounter and Grow modules and translates it into meaningful metrics to help you measure effectiveness from many different perspectives.

With the Inform module, assess the impact of your evangelization and discipleship processes. The module provides measurement tools to determine the health of your parish and its parishioners as they move from maintenance to mission. 

With the Inform module you can measure impact. Inform is the analytical tool of the Mission Suite that empowers you to examine metrics from the perspective of participants or from the events hosted. This dynamic module provides a full picture of the impact of the events you offer at your parish has and what inspired participants to deepen their faith and evangelize others.

Create searches to focus on important data points. Identify people ready for the next step by viewing overall participant involvement. Evaluate the effectiveness of current experiences. Make informed decisions based on data results.

Access the Statistics of the session data to determine the effectiveness of the Session and discover trends in growth for volunteer and leader roles.

Use the Reporting feature to view participant details such as contact information, sessions attended, and percentage of participants to volunteers.

Inform is your center to identify future leaders and trends in involvement, and to evaluate overall effectiveness, giving you the ability to measure what many believe is unmeasurable.




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