Gift Parameter

This article provides information about using the gift parameter.

When creating a link for a particular fund, you can specify a query parameter in the URL (called giftParam) whose value will be recorded alongside the gift or pledge. The value of this parameter can be any text up to 64 characters. This gift parameter text will be exported in the CSV export of the following reports:

  • Giving Detail Report
  • Campaign Detail Report
  • Pledge Report
  • Online Gift Analysis Report
  • Online Transaction Analysis Report

The main use case for this is to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This parameter only works for URLs to a specific fund. To set this you must add "?giftParam=" followed by the text you want to store to the end of the link to the fund.

Here is an example:  The value they are storing with each gift is "eucharist".

Tracked gifts are viewable on various CSV exports such as the Giving Detail report, Campaign report or the Pledges report.

The Giving Detail report, Campaign Report and the Pledges report can include the results of URL embedded marketing codes, for tracking purposes, which can be viewed on a CSV export. The organization can create marketing codes to be embedded in the URL and provided to donors to click on when they create their gifts. The use of code embedded URLs associate the donor's gifts for tracking purposes. This data is captured in the CSV exports of the detail report, campaign and pledges reports.

When exporting the CSV of either of the three reports, a column called Gift Param can be viewed that contains the specified data. This feature is available to any organization to do more tracking of gifts within the system.

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