Forms Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Payments show up in the Online Giving Reconciliation Report alphabetically with other funds based on the name of the form.

  • It depends. A form can be edited regardless of its state as long as there have been no submissions to that form. Once a form has submissions, the form layout can no longer be edited without deleting all submissions and reverting the form to draft mode. However, the form configuration settings can still be modified. (More information on editing a form)

  • We are working on it! Right now the best way to share the form is with the link created in the builder! Read more about it in this article.

  • The "draft mode" of a form can be used to test it. The link created in "draft mode" can be shared with others to test the form. Submissions submitted during “draft mode” are not saved or forwarded to the "response recipients".

  • Payments have to be manually imported from OSV Forms into the Church Management Software as well as the Accounting/Ledger Software.

  • Yes! A form can be duplicated to easily create a current registration form from a previous form. Read more about duplicating forms in this article.

  • This is a feature that will be available in the future. A workaround for this is to have the user fill in the amount in the payment section. Here's an article about the payment input field.

  • No. Forms can only collect a one-time payment. For more information, click here.

  • Yes. From the Forms module, click on Forms. Select the form from the list. 

    Once opened, under Submissions, search for the form submitter. 

    Click on the form to open. Click on the ellipses (three vertical dots) to see the drop-down menu. Click on refund and select the Refund Reason prior to submitting. 

    For more information on refunding a payment, click here

  • The OSV Forms module works best in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Due to security issues, forms and payments are not supported using Internet Explorer.

  • Yes. The OSV Forms module has been specifically designed so that all forms should display properly on mobile devices.

  • Forms payments can be seen using the Reconciliation report in Giving. Running the report as a Fund Summary, provides a total of how much came into that form and a breakdown for each batch can be viewed. Running a Batch Transaction Detail provides the names of the individual contributors for the form payments within each batch.

  • Nothing! The OSV Forms module is free for any organization that uses OSV Hub. To activate forms check out this article.

  • The OSV Forms module is a free online form-building solution that simplifies parish registration, prayer requests, religious education enrollment, and much more. As an added bonus, Online Giving customers have the ability to collect payment through OSV Forms.

    To learn more and get started, click here.

  • All payments with forms deposit into the account set up in Online Giving. We cannot deposit into separate accounts at this time.

  • Customers can self activate forms.  Contact the Online Giving support team to link payments. They can be reached at 800-348-2886.

  • Forms may not be activated. Check out this article for how to activate them for your church. You can also go to to begin the process.