Quick Task: Add to Envelope List

Within the Quick Tasks section, you can add filtered individuals to a current envelope list. This would be useful if you added a new envelope list or just added new families to the Directory and wanted to ensure all individuals with particular characteristics were on your envelope lists.

Note: Only families or individuals with addresses and envelope numbers can be added to envelope lists.

Begin by filtering your results. For information about filtering, see this article. Be sure to select “families” from the Demographics filter to add the whole family. If you wish to create a list of individuals to receive envelope numbers such as youth for a children’s mailing, you can select “individuals” instead. These individuals must be marked as “track separately” with a unique envelope number from their family.

You can toggle to "View Results" to ensure you have the list you were looking for. Then select "Add to Envelope List." Note: This will not remove anyone from the list.

Then select the list you'd like to add these filtered members to.

Then click "Add to Envelope List."

The system will then tell you how many families are eligible to be added to the list. Families who are already on the list will be excluded as well as families without envelope numbers or addresses as both are required.

Overview Video of "Add to Envelope List"

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