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This article explains what the Text to Give program is and what is needed for a Donor to use a text message to give to the organization.

For a Donor to give to the organization, there must be an Online Giving Account set up. (Text to Give is an add on feature. Contact Support to purchase and set up if desired.)

When the gift is initiated through a text message, the system will recognize the following:

  1. The organization by their Text to Give (TTG) phone number (Each organization has a unique TTG phone number)
  2. The donor (by their phone number)
  3. The fund (by fund code)
  4. The amount

If the system does not recognize an account a reply with a link is sent back to the donor indicating that an account must be created to complete the transaction.

Clicking on the link takes the Donor to a mobile version of the Website.

  • The system will take the donor through the steps to create an account.
  • Once an account is created the donor can text the gift.

When the donor texts a gift to the organization the system will look for the amount of the gift and fund to which the donor wants to give.

The organization can associate and publish Fund Codes for specific funds.

If the donor does not designate a fund, the gift may go to a Default Fund if one has been set up and. 

A texted gift cannot be scheduled. It is a one time gift that processes immediately. One time gift needs to be selected when setting up a fund in order to have a text to give code. If the frequency selection one time gift is removed from the fund, the user experiences a warning alert that the Text to Give code will be removed.

Check this out for more information on Viewing Text to Give Settings or Setting the Default Fund, or Setting Up Text to Give Fund Codes, and links to even more Text to Give information.

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