Deleting Form Submissions

This article provides steps to delete form submissions.

An admin can delete individual form submissions. However, form submissions that have a payment associated with them cannot be deleted.

Here are the steps to delete a form submission: 

1. From the Forms module, click on Forms in the menu.
2. Click on the desired form to open and view the details.

3. Click on the desired form submission to open and view details.  Only form submissions that do not have a payment associated with them can be deleted.

4. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the drop down menu.
5. Select Delete from the drop down menu.


6. Type DELETE to confirm the action. Before confirming the action to Delete, remember there is no undo to form deletions.


Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when finished viewing.




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