Setting User Permissions for Religious Ed

Two roles will be available to assign to users in the OSV Hub for Religious Ed: Religious Ed Admin & Religious Ed Viewer

Religious Ed Admin – a user with this set permission will have full access rights within Religious Ed. They will be able to view, add, and/or make changes within this module.

Religious Viewer – a user with this set permission will only be able to view information within Religious Education and cannot make any edits to a page.

To assign these roles, click on “Users” on the navigation menu.

If you’re adding a new user, click on “Invite User” to insert their credentials and you will be able to assign the two roles.

You will be able to edit an existing user’s permissions by clicking on the kebab and selecting “Edit Permissions”.

Select which roles you want to have set for the user and click “send invite” for the new admin or “save user” for a current admin.

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