Can I add a logo to my public Funds page?

Yes, to add your logo, log into the Hub as an admin and go to Settings. Under Organization Settings, click the Upload Logo icon or click the pencil icon on the current logo.

Click Select File (.png or .jpg) to choose a file from your computer.

You have the option to crop the image before upload. Once you are done cropping, click Upload. The logo will now appear under your Organization Settings and on your public Funds page.

Can I change the stained-glass window image that appears on my public Funds page?

Yes. Log into the Hub as an admin and go to Settings. Under Organization Settings, click the kebab and choose Change Public Image.

Click Continue, and then click to select one of the preloaded images or click the Upload Image option to upload your own image.

Click Save Image to complete the change.

Can I customize the colors of OSV Hub to match my organization?

At this time we do not support any customization within OSV Hub.

Can you explain the data that the Online Giving Donors card is showing?

The Online Giving Donors card provides a snapshot of the giving history for the last 12 months. You can see the average amount of the current month’s contributions (as well as the percent change from the previous month); the current number of Active Donors; and a graph showing the trends for donors and first time donors. You can hover over the graph lines for each month to see the donor numbers for that month.

Do organizations using third-party service providers have to be PCI DSS compliant?

Yes. Using a third-party service provider does not exclude a company from PCI DSS compliance.

Does PCI DSS compliance apply if we do not store credit card information?

Yes. If you accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment, then PCI DSS applies.

How can I set or change images for my Funds?

When logged in as an admin, go to your Funds page and click on the name of the fund that you want to set or change the image for. On the fund detail page, click the Upload Photo area (if there is currently no image set) or the edit button over the existing image (if you already have an image loaded).


Follow the prompts in the pop-up window to upload your photo to the website.

NOTE: By uploading an image, you state that you own or otherwise control all the rights to the image. You are also free to use any of the images OSV provides, located here.

How do I check or enter envelope numbers for donors?

There are a few different ways to check and see if a donor has envelope numbers:

  • There is a verification banner that will appear at the top of the Giving Dashboard and under Accounts.
Missing envelope numbers
  • By going to Accounts and clicking search, this will populate each member of the organization. There is a dedicated column that shows if a donor has an envelope number.
  • Run the Donor List report.
  • When downloading an Export file, the admin will be prompted to enter an envelope number for any donor who is missing one.

How do I match a Online Giving Family to a Directory Family?

In Giving select “Match Accounts” to match any unmatched accounts to Directory.

For more information read this article.

How do I use the Reconcile Batches page?

The Reconcile Batches page provides the ability to keep a record of all the batches that have cleared your bank account by “check-marking” the batch. It will save the check mark and will always show that batch as having been reconciled unless you click to remove the check mark. For more details on Reconciliation, please see Reconciliation Report.

If I have multiple locations, is each required to be PCI compliant?

If your organization locations process under the same tax ID, then typically you are only required to complete the Attestation of Compliance once annually for all locations.

To whom does PCI DSS compliance apply?

PCI DSS applies to ANY organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits, or stores any cardholder data. This includes organizations that only accept credit card payments through OSV’s Online Giving platform.

What are Gift Notes?

Gift Notes is a feature that allows your donors to make a note, or special intention, on their gift. Enabling this feature for a fund will give the donors a box on that fund that they can use to make a special notation.

When enabling Gift Notes on a fund, you will want to enter a “Label” (see 1 below) and “Placeholder” text (see 2 below), which is instructions for your donors.

Gift Notes are enabled/disabled at the individual fund level. For more information, click here. To learn how to run a report on Gift Notes donors have entered into the system, click here.

What does ‘New Gifts Created’ mean on the Giving Summary card?

The number of “New Gifts Created” reflects the total number of newly scheduled gifts created in the system in the past seven days.

What is a ‘third-party service provider?’

In regards to PCI DSS compliance, a “third-party service provider” is an external person or company that provides a service or technology (for example, Paya Inc, which is the payment processor).

What is a Fund?

In the Giving platform, a “Fund” is an online fund or collection set up for your donors to give to. You need to set up at least one fund and can set up as many as you like.

You can control the order in which the funds display on your public fund list page, and you can also feature one fund (which makes this fund bigger and automatically places it at the top of the list) if desired.

What is an Account?

In the Giving platform, an “Account” is any donor or giver who has registered an account and has at least scheduled a gift for your organization. When you navigate to the Accounts page, you will see by default the 10 accounts that have most recently had giving activity.

You can also search for accounts here by entering name, email address, or envelope number. Donors who have given as a guest will also show up in this list.

What is an Active Donor?

An Active Donor is any donor who has given a gift in the past 90 days or who currently has a gift scheduled in the system.

What is an External ID?

An External ID is an additional field that can be made available for your donor accounts. This is most often used when your contribution software assigns a unique identifier outside of the envelope number. When this field is utilized, you will see the envelope number along with the External ID on the donor account screen, as well as the export of contributions if it is required by your software. To turn on the External ID field, go to Settings > Online Giving Settings > Edit Giving Settings.

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

What is the processing method and how is it implemented?

In regards to the PCI DSS compliance annual questionnaire, your processing method is Ecommerce. For the implementation of the Ecommerce/shopping cart, the entire internet presence is outsourced.

What report should I run to manually post my donors’ contributions?

The Reconciliation report will show who contributed to a fund and to what batch the gift belongs. This report will break down what type of batch (ACH or Credit Card), give a fund summary, and show who gave. For more information on Reconciliation, click here.

What report should I use to reconcile my bank statement?

To reconcile your bank statement, you would use the Reconciliation report. You will want to include in the report both the ACH and Credit Card batches, and the Fund Summary and/or Batch Transaction Detail. For more information on Reconciliation, click here.

Where are this family’s contributions?

If you are looking for a family’s contributions but see only a blank screen like below

Click back to the family and select Contributions within the family screen. For most directory entries, contributions will be recorded at the family level and be the most accurate place for information.

Where does a donor see the Fund Description?

When you enter text in the Fund Description field, the donor will see that text below that fund on the public fund list page.

If the Fund Description is too long for all of the text to be displayed here, the donor can read the rest of the description by clicking on the fund text or image. This will take the donor to the detail page for this fund, which will display the full Fund Description.

Why is PCI DSS important?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance is important in helping to keep data secure and avoid data breaches.