Can I pull a mailing list from Directory?

Absolutely! You can either pull a member list from reports or export contact information via quick tasks. Each of those articles will show you how!

Then you’ll have a CSV file you can use to do a mail merge in Word or another program.

Can I run a tax report for a family?

Yes, in Directory, look up the family and view details. In the drop-down menu, select Tax Report.

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How can I pull custom mailing labels?

Click on Quick Tasks, set your parameters, and click Apply Filters. Once the filters have processed, click on Download Labels to set the Label and Family format. Then select Download Labels.

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How do I add a child to a family?

Adding a child is easy. From the “Family Members” screen select “Add Family Member” from the kebab menu.

Then follow these instructions.

How do I add a new family?

To add a new family, click on “add family” from the dashboard card and follow these instructions!

How do I find a family?

You just search for them either from the Dashboard or the Families page.

How do I match a Online Giving Family to a Directory Family?

In Giving select “Match Accounts” to match any unmatched accounts to Directory.

For more information read this article.

What are tags?

Tags are a way to identify and organize members and families in the directory. You can filter members and families by these tags. An example would be adding a tag of “Usher” to any member that is an usher. You can pull reports or send communications to anyone with this tag. At a family level, you may want to add a tag to the Religious Education families.

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What are the family naming conventions in Directory?

The following are the current naming conventions:

  • Family Last Name
  • Formal Name
  • Informal Name
  • Family Name

What are the family naming conventions used for in Directory?

The family naming conventions are used on labels, letters, emails, reports, and OSV mailings.

What family naming convention will be used on my mailings sent by OSV?

Each list in Directory will allow you to set the naming convention that you would like to use.

What impact will it have if I change one of the family naming conventions?

Changing a family naming convention will change how the name will appear on any report, label, or list that uses this information. This is also true of any mailings utilizing OSV services, as your lists are pulled from your Directory.

What is a registered family?

A registered family is one that has registered to be members of the parish. They have provided you with the information for the family and members that will be members. You can also record the date that the family registers.

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What is an Active Family?

An active family is a family that participates in any way at the church. They may give donations, participate in ministries, or simply show up for mass.

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What is an Inactive Family?

An inactive family is a family that has moved away or no longer participates in any way at the church.

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What is the best way to search the Directory?

In the Directory dashboard, type the information you have. The system will do a fuzzy search to find the information.

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What should be in the family Formal Name field?

The family Formal Name should be the formal name for the family. For a married couple, it could be Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, and for a single person it could be Mr. John Doe or Ms. Jane Doe, for example.

What should be in the family Informal Name field?

The family informal name is normally the first and last names of the head of household and spouse, if it applies. An example would be John and Jane Doe.

What should be in the Family Last Name field?

This should be the family’s last name as known by the parish or diocese. It may not be the last name of all the family members. It is normally the last name of the head of household.

What should be in the Family Name field?

The Family Name field is normally the Family Last Name field with the word family behind it. If the person is single with no other members on the record, you may choose to enter the informal name here also.

What’s that “yellow bar” on the family or member card?

This yellow line indicates that this member or family has been deactivated and is in the ‘inactive’ state in your directory. For more information click here.

When should I mark a family active vs inactive?

A family should only be marked as inactive if they move away or are no longer participating in anything at the church. They should not be marked inactive just because they are not donating. We have another designation that identifies that at the family level.

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Where are this family’s contributions?

If you are looking for a family’s contributions but see only a blank screen like below

Click back to the family and select Contributions within the family screen. For most directory entries, contributions will be recorded at the family level and be the most accurate place for information.

Why can’t I mark this individual as a ‘child’?

The system will only allow members under the age of 18 to be marked as ‘child.’ If you’re registering a family with adult children you can mark them as ‘adult’ or ‘other.’