Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

Scheduled payments can be canceled if they are still in the Pending

Can I make a payment for an amount that is different than the Balance Due amount?

Payments submitted online will automatically use the Balance Due
amount of the selected invoice.

Can I still schedule payments while enrolled in Automatic Payments?

Any unpaid invoice can be scheduled for a payment while you are enrolled
in Automatic Payments.

How can I reinstate the payment method on my account after an unsuccessful transaction?

When a transaction is unsuccessful, for reasons such as entering an
incorrect bank account or routing number, the payment method will be
disabled. You can restore the payment method by selecting Edit on the
Payment Methods screen and entering the correct information. You also
have the option to Delete the disabled payment method and add a new
bank account.

How can I switch to paperless invoices?

You can enroll in paperless invoicing under Invoices which is located
under the Billing menu.

How do I make a change to the email address(es) that are receiving invoice and payment communications?

Invoice and payment communications are emailed to staff members in
the Billing Admin role. If a staff member in this role has a new email,
they can change their email under their profile while logged in. If they
are unable to log in they can contact customer service at 800-348-2886.

How long will it take for Automatic Payments to go into effect?

The automatic payment enrollment will go into effect immediately for
upcoming invoices that are not within three days of the invoice due date.
You will be prompted to schedule a payment for any invoices that are
within three days of the due date, or past due.

How will I know when my payment was processed?

An email will be sent to the Billing Admin(s) when your payment has
been processed.

How will payments appear on my bank statement?

You will see a withdrawal from your bank on your statement and it may
be noted as an ACH, EFT or Automatic Debit Withdrawal.

I am unable to enter my bank’s routing number. Will I still be able to submit a payment online using my bank account?

Only organizations with banking institutions in the United States that have
9 digit routing numbers will be able to submit payments online and enroll in automatic payments.

If I cancel automatic payments, when will it go into effect?

Automatic Payments will be canceled immediately. Any pending payments
will still be processed as scheduled unless the payment is canceled.

Once I have enrolled in Automatic Payments, when will the payments be processed?

The automatic payment process will schedule invoices three days in
advance of their due date and an email reminder will be sent. The
payment will then be processed on the invoice due date.

What invoices will be paid when I enroll in Automatic Payments?

You will be able to choose the invoices that should be enrolled in
automatic payments by selecting each invoice type, or by selecting to
enroll all invoices.

What methods of payment can I use to pay my invoice online?

Bank Accounts: All online payments can be made using your checking or
savings account. If you are using your checking or savings account, you
will need your bank account number and routing number to set up the
payment method.

Credit Cards: Credit cards can be used to make online payments for
certain invoice types, such as: books, pamphlets, curriculum, and websites. Credit Card payments are not an option for Offering Envelope invoices.

What security measures are in place for online payments?

There are several measures in place to ensure your online payments are
– You will use a unique user name and password to log in to the secure
customer portal
– We retain no bank account information on our servers
– Our payment processing partner (Paya) is PCI compliant
– Any potentially sensitive information is encrypted for security
– We use industry standard SSL encryption on our site

When will my payment appear on my bank statement?

Funds will need to be available on the scheduled payment date.
Depending on your bank, it may take a few business days before the
payment transaction appears on your statement.

Who should I contact if I have questions about electronic invoices and payments?

For questions about electronic invoices and payments, contact Customer
Service by calling 800-348-2886 Option 2 or by email at

Why doesn’t my credit card appear in the payment method drop down when I am paying an invoice?

Certain invoice types, such as Offering Envelopes, cannot be paid with a credit card.

Why hasn’t my invoice been paid when I am enrolled in Automatic Payments?

Automatic Payments will apply to invoices up to three days prior to the due
date. If the enrollment date for Automatic Payments was within three days
of the due date, the payment for that invoice will need to be scheduled

Will I need to use the same payment method for all of my invoices when I enroll in Automatic Payments?

You may choose a payment method for each type of invoice or choose to
have all invoices paid using a single payment method.

Will I receive any invoices after I have elected to go paperless?

Once you’ve enrolled in paperless invoicing you will no longer receive
paper invoices in the mail. The invoice is available to download as a
PDF in the customer portal. An email will be sent to staff members in the
Billing Admin role as notification that an invoice is ready to view in the
customer portal.

Will I receive confirmation when I enroll in Automatic Payments?

An email will be sent to the Billing Admin(s) confirming the automatic
payment enrollment.

Will I receive confirmation when I make a payment online?

A confirmation email will be sent to the Billing Admin(s) when you schedule payments online.

Will my payment be processed on the same day that I submitted it online?

Payments submitted by 11:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) will be processed the
same day. Payments submitted after 11:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) will be
processed the next day.