Term Card Overview

The term card will give a quick overview of the term that was created. The card will show the name, type, term date range, online registration date range, and the ability to launch the registration form or copy the registration link. A term that is set to begin in the future will have a clock symbol as an indicator.

The card will also reflect how many students have registered with the ability to add the first student.

Once a student has be registered, the “Register Students” button will no longer appear. The ability to add more students will be available under “Registration” when visiting the term details.

With a term currently in session, you will have a green dot as an indicator. The option to launch or copy the registration link will be removed from the card once the registration date is met and will show the “Online Registration Closed” date to reflect this. Click on the kebab or the term name to view more information about the open term.

To get started on a new term, click on the term card with the plus symbol.

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