Search Registered Religious Education Students Under a Term

This article provides steps to search for registered Religious Education Students under a specific Term.

An administrator can search for registered students while looking under a specific term.

Here are the steps to search for students while in a term:

  1. From Religious Education go to Terms.
  2. Locate desired Term and click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the menu.
  3. Click on View for Term Details.
  4. Click on Search Students from the main menu under the Term.
  5. Click on the row of the student to view their student details.The information includes their Registration Details, their Contact Information, the Active Classes they are assigned to, and their class history.Note* The main menu indicates what term is being viewed. Click the magnifying glass labeled All Students to return back to the Search Students screen to locate other students.
    Check this out for more information on searching for students.

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