Registration Matching

Matching a registration will allow the admin to approve the submission and match that to a family within Directory. Click on the match button to get started.

 The following page will show what parent/guardian and student information was filled out on the registration form. The same page will give suggestions based on what information was filled out that matches with a family in Directory. If the information does match with the suggestion family, simply click on the row. If the suggestion doesn’t match, there are two options to choose from: search for the correct family within Directory or register them as a new family. Utilize the search bar to do a search for the family or click on register as new family to get started with adding them to Directory.

As an admin, you will have the ability to reject the registration. Click on the kebab to select that option. The parent/guardian would need to refill another registration form once the form is rejected. Once a registration has been approved, this option will no longer be available.

If you do click on the suggested matches or do a search for a family within Directory, this will allow the admin to match the members with the information provided on the registration. Click on the drop-down for “Members to Match.” Once they are selected in the drop-down, their information will appear under the “Family Members in Directory.” Click on match & approve to finish.

The registration form has been officially approved and the family will now appear in the approved registrations list.

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