How Parents Register Using a Term Link

This article provides steps for Parents or Guardians to receive and launch a Term link to complete a Religious Education Registration.

Once a term has been created, an admin is able to share the registration link with parents or guardians

Here are the steps for parents and guardians to complete the religious education registration form from a Term Link:

1. Parents receive and click on the URL for the Term. This launches the public registration form. 
2. Click on Get Started.

3. Enter the information for the Primary Parent/ Guardian. This includes the relationship to the student, First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Religion.

4. Enter the information for the Secondary Parent/ Guardian. This includes the relationship to the student, First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Religion. 

5. Enter any necessary Additional Information.

6. Enter Alternate Contact information. This is an emergency contact in case the parent/guardian cannot be reached.
7. Check the box to authorize the parish to use pictures taken of their children during the program. These are terms & conditions that give the organization permission to use pictures of their child for programs, marketing, advertising, etc. 
8. Click on Continue.

Note* If the system cannot find the address, the "Invalid Address" alert pops up and allows the parent/guardian to make a change to the address previously filled in. This information is checked with the USPS. The parent/guardian has the option use the submitted address as is or resubmit the address once any changes have been made.

 9. Enter Student information. This includes First and Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Grade.

10. Select the student's Program Options. The program options reflect the fees the parent/guardian pays. 
11. List any allergies the child may have and additional notes that need to be made available to staff.

12. Check the box to designate if the child has been Baptized or has received First Communion
13. Enter applicable dates.
14. Upload appropriate Sacrament Certificates. Click here for information on how to upload a certificate. Any information or documents supplied are noted in Directory for reference. 
15. Click on Add Student.  

 16. Click Continue to add any additional students to this term. 

Note* If a change needs to be made to a student that has been added, the parent/guardian can click on the edit pencil icon next to the student's name. 

If a student needs to be removed from the registration, click on the minus icon

16. Click Continue to complete the registration process.
17. Select the desired payment option. The available options are based on what the staff has set for the term.
18. Enter appropriate banking information.
19. Enter discount code and click apply, if appropriate.
20. Click on Complete Registration.

The confirmation of the registration submission is printable from the browser to keep for future reference.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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